Pricing Surge

Pricing can make or break any product, product launch, enhancement or in the worst case… an entire company. By focusing on the right markets (prospects who want, need and are willing to pay for your product and/or service) and pricing your offering according to size of customer, the vertical or market they are in, the value of their brand or logo to your company and their propensity to buy a second or third product (or renew their first product or service), you will secure the right business at the right price.

The natural question is how.

That’s where Sales Surge can help!

  1. Segmentation of Market Pricing – In the warehouse super store model, the thinking is higher volume means lower prices. When we are talking about retail vendor relationships, this almost always rings true. But this isn’t always the case. With Sales Surge, we focus on the markets you identified during the market surge efforts. These markets allow you to develop a pricing strategy. We also identify and prioritize the accounts where your product and service will drive the most customer value. Customers are willing to pay for value. Lastly, you need a full understanding of how your pricing impacts the buyer’s decision making process in each market segment.
    • Markets
    • Prospects
    • Buying Decisions
  2. Pricing Strategy and Structure – When you understand the value proposition your products and services have in the eyes of your markets, you can price accordingly. Additionally, this knowledge allows you to establish pricing tolerances for variations to standard pricing. These variations are key when you want to win a large or important logo or leverage pricing to win business from a specific competitor.
    • Business Strategies
    • Competitive Strategies
    • Packaging Bundled Pricing
    • Opportunities to Scale Revenue
    • Pricing Levels
    • Discount Structure
  3. Pricing Execution and Governance – Aligning your pricing strategy with your sales team’s compensation is the fastest way to align pricing expectations across your enterprise. However, you need to arm your marketing, product and sales teams with value messaging to win deals that are not simply a price negotiation.
    • Value Messaging Development
    • Negotiation Techniques and Guidelines
    • Pricing and Compensation Alignment
    • Pricing KPI Reporting and Dashboards
    • Pricing Approval Governance


We help the world’s leading companies drive predictable reverue and profitability growth by optimizing sales organization performance.
86 %

of buyers will pay
more for a better
customer experience


By 2020 experience
will overtake price and
product as a differentiator

70 %

of buying experiences
are based on how
customers are treated

66 %

of customers switched
brands due to service
and not price


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