Operations Surge

One area many companies under develop is the sales operations team. This group focuses on supporting, enabling and driving the front line sales teams to sell better, faster and more effectively. This group should not be confused with your sales management or leadership team. The sales operations team develops and implements sales training schedules, techniques and platforms, tests and implements software tools and refines the CRM processes.

Everything this team does should make it easier to move prospects through the buying cycle and bring on new customers. They bring a systematic approach to selling. The more mature your sales organization is, the more important the role this team plays in helping you achieve sustainable growth.

  1. Strategy – Usually when “sales ops” is first added to an organization, they are a small team of number crunchers who execute financial analysis, reporting and sales forecasting. As the volume of business information increases (especially during a surge engagement), the team evolves into a powerful data analysis and reporting unit able to provide critical insight on the following:
    • Sales process optimization
    • Performance metrics analysis
    • Commission and incentive programs
    • Evaluation of sales training needs
    • Assessment and adoption of sales methodologies
    • Selection of enablement software and other technology tools
    • Sales territory design, assignment and growth modeling
  2. Operations – When the sales operations team focuses on the “operations” side of the sale team, they are leveraging scale and technology plays to remove roadblocks slowing down the sales team and taking the seller’s focus off of selling.
    • Sales team recruitment, hiring model, on-boarding and training
    • Implementation of recommended compensation and incentive programs
    • Allocation of sales teams and territories
    • Maintenance of communication and collaboration channels
    • Contract lifecycle management
  3. Process and Performance – Sales ops emerged to drive sales performance. To achieve that, sales operations people help streamline process to speed up the sales cycle and enable sellers to close more deals. Understandably, this is where the number-crunching prowess of sales ops analysts has the most significant impact.
    • Selection of key sales metrics to adopt
    • Training and development (coaching and mentoring)
    • Optimization and implementation of sales process
    • Workflows
    • Conversion Rates
    • Implementation of Sales Frameworks, and Methodologies.
    • Optimization of Sales Tools, Knowledge Base and other Assets
      • CRM
      • Automation
      • Data Analytics
      • Contract Management
      • Forms and Templates
      • Client Engagement & Outreach
  4. Technology Adoption and Optimization – Today, sales teams harness the power of big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve performance and future proof profitability. But because tool complexity can distract sellers, sales ops should own the stack. Sales Operations leaders should own the following:
    • Integration of technology tools
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform
    • Business intelligence
    • Data analytics programs and software
    • Communication and conferencing tools
    • Content sharing and management
    • Contract lifecycle management
    • Email automation
    • Performance management programs and software

During the Operations Surge, we can assist with the development of all of these items, and depending on the size of your sales team and complexity of your products and services, your operations efforts can be handled using existing programs and platforms.


We help the world’s leading companies drive predictable reverue and profitability growth by optimizing sales organization performance.
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of the month is spent
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with missing or
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