Market Surge

Planning your Market Surge is the key first step during our engagement. We will review your current strategies related to branding, engagement campaigns, social media and data. If you don’t have strategies in these areas, we will help build them out with you.

With the right strategies and budget in place, you can easily execute on a well-orchestrated marketing surge to drive “marketing qualified leads” (MQL’s) into the funnel of your sales team as early stage “sales qualified leads” (SQL’s).

But let’s get the marketing surge aligned first:

  1. Planning For The Surge – Using your current customer base as the model, we will help you find the markets, industries and geographies where your brand, value prop and customer messaging play well. These markets will become your first tier areas to market to. We will add a second lens looking at the profitability of your clients to identify the “key prospects” in each market. These will become the “verticals” your marketing team will engage with early stage efforts.
    1. Understanding Your Buyers – A seven question email or telephonic survey will give us the insight into your buyers, why they selected you over your competitors and how they made their decision to buy. This allows you to tailor your message and value prop positioning in your engagement channels.
    2. Creating The Strategy – With the ultimate goal of supplying 50% of your sales pipeline, we help your marketing efforts generate early stage inquiries, nurturing those early inquiries until they become SQL’s and ultimately becoming part of your sales pipeline.
    3. Brand Planning – Your company’s name should resonate when prospects and customers hear it. Your brand identity should align with your sales strategy and goals in the markets you are selling in. Here is where we speak to clients, prospects and competitors to understand the multitude of lenses your company is viewed through.
    4. Organizational Design and Channel Responsibility – Based on the channels you elect to market via in the second step of our process, we will help define your marketing organization roles, structure and responsibilities. During this phase we will help you decide on:
      1. What should be handled internally and what can be outsources to an agency
      2. How you attract and retain top talent to get a high performer in each role on your marketing team
  2. Start the Surge
    1. Putting the Brand to Work – At this point in the engagement, we use the brand strategy to engage early stage prospects to see your products and services as the solution they need to go from acceptance of the status quo to solving business problems they face daily. Here is where your marketing team drives MQL’s to interact with you, allowing you to know when the prospects are entering the buying cycle.
    2. Marketing Campaign Development and Brand Positioning – Working with your marketing team, campaigns are developed to position your products, services, people and your brand as leaders in the specific markets you are targeting. This is where you capture the attention of prospects and your customers. The effort here is to position your brand as a trusted “solution” provider, not a company selling a commodity. Thus focusing on your company and your people in the marketing campaigns.
    3. Budget Development and Deployment – You set your annual marketing spend and we work side by side with your team to target that spend in the markets with the most revenue potential and target the prospects with the highest likelihood to become customers.
  3. Launch the Marketing Surge – The focus at this point in our engagement is making certain the rubber meets the road and gets you traction!
    1. Lead Generation – Early stage prospect engagement with a focus on turning MQL’s into SQL’s and filling the sales team funnel with prospects interested in your products and service who are in or about to enter the buying cycle.
    2. Marketing Support – Email templates, press releases, sales presentations, post webinar material, etc. are all generated here. With clarity on your brand and your markets, this is simply compiling your message in to the medium your prospects need.
    3. Partner Marketing – Don’t go it alone! Partners and re-sellers can expand your sales reach exponentially without the overhead of additional sales representatives.
    4. Customer Marketing – Once you have targeted the right markets, you have a customer base you can market to for secondary and tertiary sales opportunities. By expanding your product or service relationship with your customers, you create a supplier relationship heavily insulated from competitive threats.
    5. Demand Generation – Your sales team, regardless of what they might believe or tell you, will not close every lead they find or marketing generates for them. Have a sales process, with stages and timing for each stage based on the size of the opportunity, allows sales representatives, sales management and marketing to know when a prospect has gone cold. The demand generation track allows a prospect to be placed back into a marketing “warm up” campaign. When the prospect re-engages, the lead is passed back to the sales team. This process keeps your sales team focused on the prospects that will be closing and making your organization hit its numbers.
    6. Win/Loss Analysis – We always celebrate wins. We always mourn the losses. What very few companies do is analysis to understand why each happened. After we develop a feedback loop for your new customers and lost sales opportunities, you may learn you have a sales training issues, a marketing message concern, a new competitor, etc. This data can shape multiple levels of your organization.


We help the world’s leading companies drive predictable reverue and profitability growth by optimizing sales organization performance.
63 %

Nearly 2/3 of companies
don’t have a documented
content marketing plan

44 %

of B2B firms reporting
lack of time to develop
marketing plans

32 %

of B2B companies
reporting bottlenecks
in marketing efforts

49 %

of B2B marketing
teams stating they do
no lead nuturing


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