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Many businesses will woo high value target clients throughout the sales process, only to greet them with subpar service once they are in the door. We are specifically referring to taking them for granted as a source for additional sales and revenue growth. Companies will spend money and stack bodies against an account base to service and retain the customers, but few are lucky enough to unlock the installed base as a revenue growth engine.

The staff of experts at Sales Surge can help you create a holistic plan for your business, from prospect to customer, unlocking the hidden revenue in markets you can soar in and with your installed customer base, hungry for additional products and services.

What’s more, our streamlined sales process and stage definitions allow your entire business to speak the same language when it comes to prospects and sales forecasts. You will be able to project quarterly sales results with greater accuracy and performance manage your sales team to drive even better results. Additionally, our clients have seen new sales associates ramp to full sales results faster using our engagement plan.

And let’s not forget the marketing engine of your business! You’re marketing dollars should drive results for your business. We identify the key markets and segments that provide you the best possible results, allowing you to get a greater return on your marketing dollars and your sales efforts.

Lastly, Sales Surge helps you create a continuous feedback loop between your sales, marketing and product teams. You’ll know why you win and lose business, you’ll instantly know what you can do from a pricing standpoint when challenged by a competitor or if you want to offer a discount for that logo you’ve always wanted to win.

We help you know the sales side of your business inside and out and structure it in a way to help you maximize the return on your sales, product and marketing time and dollar investments.

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