Marketing Qualified versus Sales Qualified Leads

Anyone who has spent time in sales, marketing or managing teams in these areas has heard this tale. Honestly, it’s one as old as time. Sales says the marketing leads are worthless. Marketing says sales isn’t working the records enough to determine if they are any good.

Busy Versus Productive

We’ve all been there. You are on your commute back home after a hectic workday and you begin to reflect on what you accomplished during those hours in the office. There were a number of meetings you attended… several back to back… and you were always running just a little behind schedule. Lunch was inhaled[…..]

Sales Ain’t What It Used To Be (and that’s a good thing)

My first “sales” job after college was a fleet services company that did little marketing and left it up to the sales representatives to cold call their way into prospects through sheer, brute force. A slick intro (ask me about the “lemon mailer”) was nice, but there was very little marketing effort to help identify[…..]

4 Tips to Move Prospects Through Your Sales Pipeline Faster

A lightning-fast sales cycle is the gold standard for all salespeople. Think about it: If you could move your prospects through your sales pipeline faster than ever before, what would it mean for your bottom line? Not only would your sales numbers skyrocket, but you’d also have more time to close more sales throughout the[…..]